2018 Important Dates for your Diary

Dear Members,
Some important dates for your 2018 diaries 

5th March  Broadoaks:-
As you will know the school is not now going ahead on this site. So Octagon have had to seek a new investor and will have to submit a new planning application.
All details will l be revealed  at a public meeting on 5th March. Details on time and venue to follow.

14th March 7.30 p.m.  Residents’Association’s  AGM  :-
Catholic Church Hall, Madeira Road, West Byfleet
The  guest speaker will be Ray Morgan Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council.
Bring your questions along but please note for legal reasons  Ray  cannot discuss green belt matters.

From Stephen Tillman Director of Altitude Real Estate, developer of the  Sheer House site.

Jan. 2018

‘Lots of work happening in the back ground   

In terms of short term activities, we are hoping to commence site investigation works at the end of January / early February to do a number of boreholes to prove the ground conditions.  Work should last approx. two weeks and there will the loss of the odd parking space whilst works are done.  Once we have firm details we shall be notifying the effected businesses within our estate.   [ from WBNF … This is now taking place]

 We also continue to assist on discussions on a temporary library solution which are progressing but nothing to report as yet.’

Update from The Octagon Group regarding the recent on Broadoaks site vandalism:

Dear Councillor John Bond,

Yes the travellers were a very serious concern and a summary of the events of the past few days is as follows;-

‘On Sunday evening 28th January 2018 a large party of travellers consisting of about 15 cars, caravans and lorries broke into the Broadoaks site using bolt cutters on the padlocks and chains securing the gates, immediately replacing them with their own. Their forced entry provoked an immediate and full security and Police response to the site which is monitored by 60 security cameras and patrolling guards. The travellers were extremely aggressive claiming squatters rights. The Police informed us that nothing could be done that night.

On Monday afternoon, following strong representations from us and the viewing of recordings from our security cameras showing criminal damage being carried out the Police issued a Section 61 Notice requiring them to leave the site by 12 noon Tuesday 30 January. All the travellers had left by 1pm. Meanwhile the cameras recorded criminal damage being carried out that commenced within minutes of them entering the site until their forced eviction approximately 40 hours later.

A full site inspection is still in progress but we have  found that all the Listed buildings have been vandalised and large amounts of fittings, copper tubing and electric cabling have been stolen from the Manor House and the substantially complete modern office building Sherwood.

The current situation is that following a security review with the Police we are extending the physical barriers at all entrance points to the site and enhancing the 24 hour on-site security personnel.

We commend the Police for their swift response without which the damage would undoubtedly have been far more severe.’

Please let me know if you need more information. I will brief you further at the meeting on 12 February. With best wishes


David J James  FRICS
Non-Executive Director
The Octagon Group


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