Woking Council – Dire Financial Situation means there is a threat to some of our council services

Woking Council are running a consultation to determine the future of Woking’s discretionary services. They want to find out what services are the most used, what residents would be prepared to sacrifice, and what they value the most in order to determine how to move forward in the current financial climate.
There are many different areas that Byfleet and West Byfleet may be affected. This includes a range of items, including funding for local community groups, open spaces, access to leisure centres etc.
It also looks at where priorities lie in regard to paying more for services such as car parking, swimming pools, and other council services.
We need to make sure that we demonstrate we as a community use the local services !
You can have your say on the Council’s discretionary services by following the link below. The deadline for submissions  is midnight on Thursday 10th August 2023.
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