Sheer House redevelopment – Reserved Matters Application – Submit Your Comments to WBC by 15th February 2021

RVG (Retirement Villages Group) recently submitted their Reserved Matters Application which Woking Borough Council have now validated.

This means all the submitted documents are available for viewing and comment PLAN/2021/0059

The council is accepting feedback from the public until 15 February (this date may be extended).

Although there are elements of the proposals that are now determined, for example those relating to the consented applications, RVG have said the project team will continue to respond to comments and suggestions.

In addition RVG have uploaded some of the submitted design documents to their website here: Sheer House Redevelopment

RVG have agreed with the Council’s planning department to aim for the application to be considered during the planning committee meeting on 6 April 2021.

In their recent press release RVG said

“we are very aware of the public’s desire to see the Sheer House site brought back to life as soon as possible. With continued local support and a positive response to our Reserved Matters application, we are hopeful people will start seeing real progress on site in the next few weeks.”

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