Sheer House Development Latest!

The owners of the Sheer House complex have lodged the following 3 applications for residential extensions:

2 storey residential extension over Londis of 12 apartments (8×2 bed and 4×1 bed).


2 storey residential extension over Sheer House of 12 apartments (6×2 bed and 6×1 bed).


3 storey residential extension over Sheer House car park of 20 apartments (2×3 bed, 13×2 bed and 5×1 bed) over Sheer House car park.

Details and plans can be viewed online:

Comments should be submitted as soon as possible online, by letter, or email:

The appeal by Cube on their planning application for Sheer House in  2013 has been dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate but they have submitted three  more planning applications  for flats on to top of Sheer House and the surrounding buildings. It is important that your views are sent into WBC planning Dept., as soon as possible.
Suggested areas of objection are:-
  • Out of scale with the surrounding, general low-rise developments.
  • Bulk/size of the buildings overlooking excising homes and conservations areas.
  • Car-parking issues and traffic movement around  this area. [It is not clear if the flats have car-parking provision]
  • Environmental issues.
  • Any new development should be looked at as part of the overall plan for West Byfleet and not in isolation.
Each planning application needs a separate response to WBC.
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