Minutes of February Committee Meeting

Minutes of West Byfleet Neighbourhood Forum Committee Meeting 19th February 2014


Penny Hoskyn, PH (Joint Chair)

Pauline Hedges, PA (Joint Chair)

Emma Hier, EH (Publicity Officer)

Lisa Graae, LG (Joint Treasurer)

Keith Creswell, KC (Joint Treasurer)

Mark Fuller, MF (Webmaster)

Ian Yates, IY (Secretary)

David Hastie, DH

Wade Pollard, WP

Sally Cantello, SC

Roland Nevett, RN

Richard Wilson, RW (Councillor, Woking Borough Council (WBC))

Gary Elson, GE (Councillor, WBC)

John Hartley (visitor; possibly in Pyrford NF)

Ken Meers (visitor; Vice Chair of Byfleet United Charity)

Tony Thompson (visitor; Chair of Byfleet United Charity)

Byfleet United Charity

Ken Meers gave an overview of the charity; please see notes appended to minutes.

Also stated the charity is not opposed to a club at the current site of the Camphill Club but nor is it opposed to potential residential development on that land. There has been occasional interest in the land (including around a year ago).

Some Camphill industrial estate tenants would like to expand.

Chairs: Introductions, Forum Update

Pyford & Byfleet Forums now official.

WBNF Application now out of public domain; to be considered at April committee meeting .

Post meeting note: an April meeting is no longer scheduled; the matter has been queried with WBC.

Sheer house drop-in took place (50-60 attendees).

Byfleet; Taylor Wimpey have put forward plans for 220 houses; possible diversion of broad ditch; public exhibitions were scheduled for 24 feb 4-8pm and 1 mar 10-4pm at St Marys Day Centre.

Membership Update (Chairs on behalf of absent Membership Secretary)

Membership currently at 120

Need to encourage more members

Treasurers Update

Treasurers not yet acting since Forum is not official and Residents Association is still funding.

PH reported that the meeting room costs £10 per hour and that a website hosting bill had recently been received for £108

Webmaster Update

Website went live just before Christmas

Circa 200 visitors, with 10-15 sign-ups

GE agreed to ask whether there can be a link from WBC website

There are 10 email addresses available, of which 3 are currently used

Can give people access to add content as required

Current Issues


RW: School expansion plans are afoot but there are complications.

RW: If proposed free school(s) do not take place, existing two schools will need to be expanded but with mitigation of highway impacts (which is problematic)

Broadoaks; free school application has gone into DfE for funding; WBC will be responsible for considering planning application.

Three free school applications:

WB Free School

Hoe Bridge

Church of England Emmanuel School

International school has been given permission to increase numbers

Sheer House


Sheer House has been granted permission for change of use to residential by central government (outside WBC control).

There is a need to work together to come up with a way forward for development taking account of various concerns; community brainstorming session.

Demand is reportedly there for office accommodation if properly priced for their condition and facilities.


Head of county library service has stated desire for new WB library.

Health centre has room for another 1000 patients and parking is already grossly inadequate.

Surrey Highways says nothing can be done to improve traffic etc. while infrastructure stays as it is.

WBC has to be the one that brings all the parties together.

PA stated there is to be a WBNF meeting in Shere House at some point

Three separate planning applications have been submitted, to include affordable housing and flats.

Suggestion that a joint letter is to be drafted and submitted as a representation on behalf of the WBNF, to include names of members supporting the issues raised in the letter.

PA has a draft produced for the business association.

GE agreed to circulate inspector’s report for refusal of appeal.

Ward Boundary

The (probably rhetorical) question was asked as to whether the split in West Byfleet encourages community cohesion.

Now that the number of councillors (30) has been determined, the course of the boundary review is restricted to follow on from that.

PH: ward boundary consultation ends 1 April. We should all go away and consider the matter so that discussions can be held at our March committee meeting.

RW: WBNF comments will have more clout than individuals.

PH: as a Forum we should stand our ground. Individuals should also respond. Need to include/consult Pyrford.

We should all get neighbours’ views on ward boundaries.

The Forum Priorities

PA asked what would each of us like to see? This can feed into the vision for WByfleet centre & Sheer House.

GE stated that detail is not required, rather an overall vision.

RN suggested 2 members joining with 2 from other interested parties and WBC to formulate vision for WByfleet.

Next Meeting

Thursday 20th March 2014, West Byfleet Social Club

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