Update on WBC Green Belt Site Allocation Development Proposals

Update on WBC Green Belt Site Allocation  Development Proposals
Outline details may be found on the WBC website under  ‘Executive Summary’
At a public Council Meeting this Thursday 18th October at 7 pm Woking Borough Council will discuss the proposals for the final consultation on development sites within the Woking Borough area.
This meeting may also be watched on the WBC podcast.
Within our Forum Area one of the proposals is to release the land at West Hall for development in 2027 and at some date to also accommodate 15 travellers pitches on this land.
The final Public Consultation is planned over 6 weeks starting in early November 2018 (date tbc) .
[ Please note The Martyrs Lane site has now been excluded from all development proposals]
To view all the documentation relating to this please click here
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