Stoop Family support the campaign to save West Byfleet Recreation Ground

 From the  decedents of the Stoop family who lived at West Hall in West Byfleet and donated the Recreation Land to the community.
Micheal Stoop 1st August 2018
I would just like to add further to the objections you have already received from various members of the Stoop family that this land was bequeathed to the residents of West Byfleet to provide the village an outside sanctuary for future generations to enjoy.
 To allow the commercial greed of Marston’s to build a pub on part of this land, would certainly fly in the face of Frederick Stoop’s vision for West Byfleet. The Stoop family feel very strongly that this space should be used for the benefit of all residents in West Byfleet as a recreation area for adults and children alike. I would certainly like to show my own grand children the beauty of West Byfleet’s recreational area without the eyesore of another unwanted pub!
I might also stress that I have been very involved with West Byfleet Golf Club to ensure that it also, remains very much part of the Stoop legacy, my own son was only playing golf there last Sunday!
I hope with the support of the entire Stoop family and the local residents, this ‘hare brained scheme’ is dismissed by the local planners.
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