Sheer House – update 16/07/18

Just to remind everyone, Altitude Real Estate Company Limited (“Altitude”) obtained outline planning consent subject to S106 agreement from Woking Borough Council Planning Committee on 21st December 2017.

Since that outline planning approval there has been little progress and residents are understandably concerned and frustrated that retail outlets are closing while no detailed planning application has been submitted.

Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing that Woking Borough Council, West Byfleet Neighbourhood Forum or Byfleet, West Byfleet and Pyrford Residents’ Association can do to expedite matters.

Altitude have up to three years to submit the detailed planning application should they so choose and then a further two years to begin any approved development.

We understand that the main reason for the delay is that Altitude are seeking a residential developer partner to work with them on this scheme.  We are advised that they have now reached the short list stage and that discussions continue.

Altitude have confirmed that they are in discussions with the Post Office and a Pharmacist.  They have also confirmed that they are looking at certain aspects of the design but that this process is in its early stages.

Until such times as they agree terms with a partner there will be no further progress to report.

We are sorry that we have no more positive news and we share your concerns as to the negative impact this is having on the economy of West Byfleet.  The vast majority of retail outlets in West Byfleet still remain open for business and we encourage their use as much as possible.

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