Broadoaks Update

Further to the recent planning meeting at Woking Council in which a resolution to approve plans submitted for the development of the Broadoaks site we have received the following
Statement from David James, Chairman of Octagon, the Developers of Broadoaks.
“It is very good news that the Resolution to Approve was passed by the Planning Committee on 26th April 2016. However before the Planning Consent Notice can be issued there has to be a Section 106 Legal Agreement signed by ourselves, the school, the affordable housing provider and the Banks funding the project! That usually takes 2 to 3 months to reach agreement and to have an engrossed document. Only then can the Planning Consent Notice be issued. Also, the Planning Officers Report recommends numerous Pre-Commencement Conditions that have to be discharged before work on site can commence. These can take as long to be cleared as the original planning application. It is our best guess that we will not have all the approvals to start until the final quarter of this year at the earliest. We do expect working on all parts of the site during 2017 and our target is to open a sales centre next spring. As you are probably aware, the school is now targeting an opening for September 2020”

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