Greenbelt consultation information update

Further to the public meeting and as discussed at the public meeting here is the DPD Summary 

In addition here are some links to the various assessments that are referred to in the DPD document.


As you will note, most of these studies have been prepared for WBC by Surrey County Council who are responsible for the highways in the borough.


Infrastructure (Health Care, Education, Social and community) 

  • Education provision Section 7, 8 and 9
  • Health Care Section 10
  • Social and community infrastructure Section 11
  • Public services Section 12
  • Utility services Section 13
  • Flood Alleviation Section 14
  • Green infrastructure (open space, play provisions, etc.) Section 15

As this document is quite large, I found the summary section at the start of the IDP is a good place to start. As part of the consultation period, WBC has contacted the relevant infrastructure providers to determine whether additional services and facilities are required and their distribution throughout the borough.


Green Belt 



Work is currently under way in updating this document. We are expecting it to be completed and published before the next stage of public consultation around winter 2015. You may also wish to view the Environment Agency Flood Maps ( which I believe is updated on a regular basis.


Habitats and sustainability






National Policy


Please remember you need to submit your responses to Woking Borough Council by 5pm on the 31st July

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