The Proposed Release of Green Belt Land in West Byfleet. HELP NEEDED!

The West Byfleet Neighbourhood Forum Committee  urgently needs your help!
We are looking for someone  who has expertise in planning matters, but any  other assistance  would also be appreciated.
Results for our last email,  just three people have  come forward to offer us help.

Please contact Penny on:-  or leave a message on this site.
At the WBC Executive  committee meeting on the 4th June it was agreed that the Green Belt Review Document should go out for public consultation from 18th June – 31st July.
This Document may be found on the WBC webpage listed under Council and Democracy.  Scroll down  to Council and Committee meetings, click on Executive Meeting and look for 4th June.

Please click on here to take you there

In West Byfleet the overall position, as we see it is this:-

West Hall land  proposed released from green belt for 592  units for development between 2022- 2027.
Broadoaks  immediate release  for mixed office and housing  [ Our feed back from the community was that you are happy for this site,  which has been empty for fifteen years, to be used  for a mix development.]

There are other areas of land  mentioned  within  this report, but we feel West Hall is the most contentious.

At the public meeting on 1st December 2014 there was overwhelming support to keep our green belt land safe.
We also appreciative that some of our residents  feel that  new homes are needed in the south east and they have to go somewhere!

But there are many concerns, not least the road system, all this proposed new  development is along the Parvis Road.
Much of the proposed  housing may be ‘affordable’  this will bring young families into the village, so concerns over school provision, health care, sewage and water supplies etc.

The Forum Committee at the moment is writing your West Byfleet Draft Neighbourhood Plan,  so we need your help  to now hook at this Green Belt Review Document.

The Byfleet, West Byfleet and Pyrford  Residents’ Association  has suggested  that each village should put any comments to Woking Council via the  village Forums.

[ In Byfleet and Pyrford  the release of land is  for after 2027.]

Please forward this info onto your neighbours, friends and spread the word!

Many thanks
Penny Hoskyn Pauline Hedges
Joint Chair WBNF

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