Sheer House Complex – update May 2019

The development manager, Altitude Real Estate has informed us that it has still been unable to find a
partner to move the development forward.
It has decided to suspend its search for a delivery partner until the UK political situation becomes
Neither Woking Borough Council nor the Forum have the power to influence this commercial
Altitude has until 21 st December 2020 to submit a detailed planning application.
The earliest construction could start would be in the second half of 2020.
A number of businesses have closed or relocated. Nearly all shops elsewhere in West Byfleet are
occupied, which is much better than the national average! The building which housed Barlcays Bank
is being refurbished and we understand is spoken for. The car park and library will remain open.
We will try to ensure that at least one chemist and the Post Office remain open, possibly having
been relocated.
We will meet with Altitude in the autumn to discuss progress and we will update you again then.

West Byfleet Neighbourhood Forum May 2019

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