Helpful info for responding to WBC regarding the release of Green Belt

Just to remind everyone you have until  5 pm on Monday 17th December to respond to the Woking Borough Council’s Development Plan proposal for use of our Green Belt Land. Nothing will be accepted after this date. All responses will go to the Secretary of State.

It is also important that all objections are in your own words and not copied and pasted from other documents.

West Hall Green Belt Land 

Proposal for 555 homes and 15 traveller’s pitches

This is in addition to the 255 homes at Broad Oaks and the proposed 240 apartments at Sheer House 


In our view the WBC form for comments is not user friendly so below is a suggested format you may like to complete with your comments about the use of land at West Hall or any other matters that are of concern.


Woking Borough Council (Site Allocations Development Plan Document – SADPD) Regulation 19 Representation Form


Full Name;-

Full Address;-

Telephone Number;-

Email Address;-

I would like to speak at the examination of the SADPD; –                  YES         /             NO

I wish to be informed when the SADPD progresses to the next stages

I think the SADPD is unsound because I do not think GB10 in the Proposals Map should be taken out of Green Belt for the following reasons;-

We also have a Summary of Key Objections complied by a group of local residents.
These are for guidance only. 
Please use your own words.

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